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December 28, 2008

Fun ! Family Day !
Date : 28th December, 2008
Venue: Grate India Place Grand Garden, Noida
Onest is a new business principle of involving highest level of creativity and honesty while providing solutions to the clients. Presently, we are working in the fields of event management, graphic design, software solutions and consultancy. For Onest, business means (h)onest relationships. Onest derives its strength from the dynamism of its team which consists of highly qualified young professionals and fresh graduates from the most esteemed institutes of the globe. Founded by a group of IITians and the most creative people from their respective fields, we emphasize on a good and interactive work environment blended with a sound value-system of our own as we aim at leading creativity to the horizons untouched.
Onest found its existence with the confluence of inter-disciplinary interactions of some exceptional talents from their respective fields, who found something missing in the existing socio-cultural scenario.
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